Technovit® 4006
Technovit® 4006

Technovit® 4006

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  • Accessories Embbeding

    Accessories Embbeding

    For daily work relief

  • Technovit® 7100

    Technovit® 7100

    Technovit 7100 – cuttable embedding resin, ideal for microtomy. Whenever samples need to be embedded for cutting, Technovit 7100 is THE material of choice.

  • Technovit® EPOX

    Technovit® EPOX

    Technovit EPOX is an epoxy resin system consisting of a resin component Technovit Epox Resin and optionally with a fast hardener: Technovit Epox Hardener fast, or a slow hardener: Technovit Epox Hardener regular.

  • Technovit® 5071

    Technovit® 5071

    Technovit 5071 ermöglicht ein schonendes Ausbetten empfindlicher Proben und gewährt so die Rundumsicht bei der REM-Untersuchung.

  • Technovit® 5000

    Technovit® 5000

    Technovit 5000 – enables conductive embeddings, perfect for SEM examinations and is also a good basis for the electrolytic preparation of metallographic samples.

  • Technovit® 4071

    Technovit® 4071

    Technovit 4071 - Uncomplicated and Ideal for all routine embeddings. The highly cross-linked Technovit 4071 provides the best grinding properties combined with easy processing.

  • Technovit® 4021

    Technovit® 4021

    A must have for every laboratory! Technovit 4021 is reduced in harmful substances and odourless.

  • Technovit® 4004

    Technovit® 4004

    Technovit 4004 - Transparent for routine embedding.

  • Technovit® 4002 IQ

    Technovit® 4002 IQ

    Technovit 4002 IQ is 2-component resin specially designed for gap- and shrink-free embedding.

  • Technovit® 4000

    Technovit® 4000

    Technovit 4000 is a fast-curing, cold-polymerizing, 3-component resin for optimum edge protection and marginal sharpness also ideal for embedding samples with porous surfaces, small gaps, blind holes or undercuts.