Kulzer Technik
Kulzer Technik

The driving force of Kulzer Technik is the idea of diversification – to use existing synergies, to enhance present and gain new competencies.

Who we are

Facts and figures

  • A strong team

    Global team

    A small team of 14 people from Product Management, Marketing, Customer Cervice, Research & Development and in the field with one goal: be the lifetime partner to our customers and help them to organize their daily work as efficiently as possible.

  • Worldwide


    We are “global“: Our diverse product range can be found all over the world and makes the work of our customers around the world easier.

  • Innovation


    In the early fifties, the idea of spreading the competencies in resin technologies from the dental area into other markets was born. This was the natal hour of Kulzer Technik and “Technovit”.

  • MCI


    As member of the Mitsui Chemicals Group we are part of one of the major chemical companies with comprehensive expertise in the healthcare business. We use this to serve new markets and areas of application.

The people behind Kulzer Technik

  • Peter Pelzer

    Peter Pelzer
    Head of Kulzer Technik

  • Daniel Klingberg

    Daniel Klingberg
    Sales & Product Manager

  • Stefan Schreier

    Stefan Schreier
    Sales & Product Manager

  • Dr. Bastian Hübner

    Dr. Bastian Hübner
    Head of Research & Development

  • Linda Schauermann

    Linda Schauermann
    Marketing Communication Manager

  • Kathrin Körbitz

    Kathrin Körbitz
    Marketing Communication Manager

  • Arno Mikutta

    Arno Mikutta
    Customer Service Center

  • Ana Torres

    Ana Torres
    Customer Service Center

  • Sabina Keller

    Sabina Keller
    Customer Service Center

  • Sonja Fremdt-Sachse

    Sonja Fremdt-Sachse
    Research & Development

  • Marc Neugebauer

    Marc Neugebauer
    Research & Development

  • Christina Schwäbl

    Christina Schwäbl
    Sales Representative

  • Guido Stieler

    Guido Stieler
    Sales Representative

  • Christian Krizak

    Christian Krizak

What you can rely on

  • Innovation


    Thanks to our development department and strong, reliable cooperation partners Kulzer Technik develops products that meet the needs of customers today and tomorrow. Kulzer offers high quality products and innovative solution.

  • Forschung und Entwicklung

    Research & Development

    To ensure our tried and tested quality, products are proven according to the highest scientific standards. From the product idea to development and production. All under one roof.

  • Kundenbetreuung

    Customer Support

    Do you have questions about products or need support - Kulzer Technik offers you numerous ways to get in touch with us. Our team in the Customer Service Center will be happy to help you.

  • Schulung und Fortbildung

    Training & Education

    In order to expand their professional know-how, we offer our customers practical courses, training and webinars on our materials and solutions. Contact us!