CUTLAM® Micro 1.1
CUTLAM® Micro 1.1

CUTLAM® Micro 1.1

Simple and inexpensive micro cutting machine


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  • CUTLAM® Micro 3.0

    CUTLAM® Micro 3.0

    CUTLAM micro 3.0. - automatic cutting machine for long and difficult cuts with high precision. The CUTLAM micro 3.0 is a benchtop cutting machine with amazing capabilities where space is limited.

  • CUTLAM® Micro 2.0

    CUTLAM® Micro 2.0

    CUTLAM Micro 2.0 - precise cuts of the most sensitive materials. With its variable speed range of 50 - 4000 rpm, the CUTLAM Micro 2.0 can be used for the entire range of materials.

  • CUTLAM® 3.1

    CUTLAM® 3.1

    The CUTLAM 3.1 offers an unprecedented cutting capacity (Ø300 mm). Thanks to the wide range of movement options for the cutting disc and table, as well as the feed speed control system, there are no limits to their use.

  • CUTLAM® 1.1

    CUTLAM® 1.1

    The CUTLAM 1.1 is a versatile, high-performance cutting machine for cutting a wide variety of materials for metallography in the wet cutting process. The machine meets all work and safety criteria for the metallographic laboratory.

  • Excellence High Performance Cut-Off Wheels

    Excellence High Performance Cut-Off Wheels

    Perfect for higher turning speeds. For optimal cuts with the greatest precision. Due to the low temperature development, no damage to the material structure.

  • Precision Cut-Off Wheels

    Precision Cut-Off Wheels

    Developed for very fine, precise cuttings the precision cut-off wheels withstand very high demands over a long period of time produce and reduce all subsequent processing steps to a minimum.