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  • Technovit® 2021 LC FAST System

    Technovit® 2021 LC FAST System

    Technovit 2021 LC FAST is an odourless, light-curing, 1-component resin for transparent mountings based on high-molecular special monomers. Technovit 2021 LC FAST is for fast, crystal-clear embeddings of a wide range of materials. Technovit 2021 LC FAST cures crystal-clear and bubble-free in less than 5 minutes inthe Technotray POWER.

  • Technovit® 6091

    Technovit® 6091

    Technovit 6091 - Relief aid in the treatment of lameness! Mix - apply - harden. With Technovit 6091, the lame animal can walk pain-free after a treatment period of just under 10 minutes!

  • Technovit® Provil Light

    Technovit® Provil Light

    Technovit Provil Light is a free-flowing silicone and therefore ideally suited for moulding difficult geometric shapes.

  • Technovit® 7100

    Technovit® 7100

    Technovit 7100 – cuttable embedding resin, ideal for microtomy. Whenever samples need to be embedded for cutting, Technovit 7100 is THE material of choice.

  • HeraGel® Fibre

    HeraGel® Fibre

    HeraGel Fibre are fiber-reinforced UV gels. The gel is reinforced by the fine fibers and ensures an extremely stable gel modellage.

  • Colorit®


    Colorit is a unique system of jewellery colors which is based on the technology of blue light-curing.

  • Accessories Kerasys®

    Accessories Kerasys®

    The main components of the Kerasys® LC system are the lightcuring color pastes, the primer, and the lightcuring unit. Grinding and polishing tools which are especially adapted to ceramic surfaces complete the Kerasys system.

  • CAMEO DISK Platinium

    CAMEO DISK Platinium

    CAMEO DISK PLATINIUM - Diamond grinding disc for medium-hard to hard materials, excellent edge sharpness, gentle stock removal, for manual and automatic grinding.

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Technovit Disinfection

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