Impression Systems Silicones

Impression Systems Silicones

Technovit® Provil impression silicones - lowest shrinkage, highest level of detail.

With our Technovit Provil impression silicones, the most precise structures of etched structural surfaces can be represented in metallography. Technovit Provil creates exact 3D replicas of the molded surfaces.

  • Technovit Provil Putty und Putty Soft
    viable due to the easiest mixing in a few seconds

  • Technovit Provil Light und BLACK
    a self-mixing silicone with very low viscosity and high contrast

Properties and application

  • Wear measurements
  • Ambulatory metallography
  • Impression taking for restorations and mineralogy
  • Reconstruction in case of damage
  • Forensic investigations
  • Optimization of process technologies

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