Technovit – relief aid when treating claws

Equipment & Relief Aid

Healthy feet are essential for the capability and the well-being, no matter if production- or luxury animal!

Therefore it is necessary to treat any claw- and hoof diseases from the beginning on.


Did you know?

As a rule, only one of the two claws is affected and needs medical treatment. During the diseased claw is treated medically, a block of wood is glued to the healthy and stress-resistant claw with the special plastic Technovit 6091.

By heightening the healthy claw, the sick claw is disburden and immobilise. This reduction of pressure leads to normal movements of the cow and speeds up recovery. The cows get used very quickly to the wood block and even severely limping animals are able to walk practically without a limp after the treatment has been performed. In this way, they can be integrated into the herd, particularly when kept in stables where they can move about or on pastures.

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